Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Girl I am Not

I have lots of crafty friends. I have friends that can make a piece of trash look like a piece of art. I have friends with pretty handwriting and loads artistic talent. I have friends who love to scrapbook. I have friends who can decorate a room in their mind in fifteen seconds. I have friends who have more style in their thumb nail than I do in my entire body.

I want to be that girl, but I am not.

I went to Hobby Lobby today during my lunch break to pick up a few items for an upcoming wedding next weekend. Hooray for Ashley and Kasey! Hobby Lobby was having a huge 50% off sale. It was fantastic. I wouldn't have a clue where to hang or put half the things that were on sale, but I still like to look and dream. As I roamed about Hobby Lobby becoming more and more saddened by my lack of artistic ability, I began to think about how grateful my husband must be that I am that I lack those abilities.

I hate shopping. Hate. I only like to go shopping for clothes if I am looking for something specific. I do not wander around the mall jumping from store to store trying on clothes that I know I will never wear. Pointless and too exhausting! The lady in front of me at Hobby Lobby today had a basket full of fall decor. She tells the check out lady, "All I came in for was this picture lamp. My husband has been waiting in the car for me this whole time!" Yup, not me. I'm just a plain old "get what you came for" kind of gal. I don't know what it is, but I do not possess the internal traits to be a crafty or shopping kind of lady.

I love my friends who are like this. They make me smile and I admire their talent and style everyday. I just don't have the ability to do what they do. It is not in me.

I can however do thirty five (as of last Wednesday) consecutive pull ups so I guess I have that going for me.


Brooke Haynie said...

I FULLY appreciate that you can do 30 something consecutive pull ups because I can barely do 5 without feeling shameful.

Michael and Katie said...

Oh Ginny, we are SO the same person! I loved reading your post!