Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Saturday, Kody and I ventured to Stillwater for the OSU/Texas game. I know, I'm actually a Florida girl, but I can still cheer for my husband's post graduate institution....especially when they are playing the dreaded Texas Longhorns. (sorry Katie) Anyway, it was on our way to this game when I hit the squirrel. Luckily my night got a lot better after that.

I got to hang out with my future sister in law Ashley, which was great fun! Isn't she cute?

We got to see all the DuBose boys (plus Beth!). That is Kasey's best friend Ben throwing up the horns in the background. Silly boy. He's apparently related to some Texas player named Jordan Shipley. Whatever. He probably isn't any good. (Yes, that was total sarcasm about him not being good. Jordan Shipley is awesome. I saw his muscles up close!)

I saw Jordan's muscles up close because we sat with all the Texas parents and had this AWESOME view of the game!

Being a true Florida fan I had to sport my Gator socks to the game. Obviously I confused people. I had on an OSU sweatshirt, Florida socks and sat in the Texas section. I like to keep everyone guessing!

OSU lost. We all know that, but it was still fun. I love college football with every inch of my being. Halloween pictures of sweet baby Bailey are coming tomorrow. She looked AWESOME!

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Michael and Katie said...

Oh Ginny, I love you!! Your last two posts made me laugh. I SO wish I could have been at that game with you guys. I would've been nice to have some Texas friends. :) I was so happy to see you on Sunday and thanks for being in our group. Have a great week and I'll see you soon at the big wedding! We're excited!