Monday, December 29, 2008

And it Begins...

I've lost it. Now that it is almost 2009 and Kody is almost through six rotations...yes, six...I am in full fledged "where the heck are you going to do your residency" mode. This mode completely terrifies Kody, but I feel like I'm thriving when I hit this mode.

I currently have three spreadsheets in the works. One for Orthopedics, one for OB/GYN and one for Anesthesia. The first two he has actual interest in, the later is still TBD. Might as well be prepared! So, back to my amazingness/insanity....each spreadsheet lists the program location, hospital affiliation, starting and ending salaries, number of spots, number of interviews granted and everything the program will or will not pay for (licence, paternity leave, life insurance, CME, etc.).

Here is an example of the listing, this is for St. Anthony's in OKC orthopedic program. Isn't all that information completely fantastic? I can't wait to organize it all into my beautifully easy to read spreadsheet. He may think I am nuts now, but next month when he is ready to start scheduling his electives he will be SO thankful for me. :)

I'll leave you with some pictures from Christmas. I unfortunately don't have many from Kody's parent's house. I got distracted by opening gifts and forgot to take pictures!
Kody and I by his parent's Snow Village display. So cute...the village...not me.

Lounging with Honey and Midori.

Kody and his Miter Saw. He will be missing a limb soon.
Kody and Robin helping with the Christmas Turkey. Aren't they precious?
Robin and every animal in our home on Christmas Day.
My parents and Kody talk about the great movies my mom just opened, which are really movies my dad wanted. :)

Bailey and her Christmas Reindeer from Kody's mom. She loves her Reindeer!

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gingela5 said...

Geez Ginny, you and your spreadsheets! You missed your calling in life--you should have been a planner of some sort!