Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Just a Phase...

Kody is in a phase. This particular phase is not one I am a fan is a dark, horrible phase. I like the phases when he wants to work out with me or help clean the house. He is currently in his NCAA Football phase. He has played every night for the past week. One would think that he would be so overjoyed to see his wife that he would turn it off, thank her for making him dinner so he doesn't starve and proceed to talk to her about her day. That isn't the case. I have to listen to stupid video game Lee and Kirk (no offense...I love you both in your non animated form) "call" the games. I know all the lines from the game. I can tell you exactly what they say when Kody tries on onside kick or has a good run. I'll spare you though. Last night as we are sitting there and I am begging him to end the game...this was our exchange:

Me: You know what, I think I want to get pregnant.
Kody pauses game, looks at me confused.
Kody: What??
Me: Yes, that way whenever we are home together you won't be able to play video games all the'll have to participate with me and a baby.
Kody jumps up, turns off game....looks at Bailey.
Kody: Bailey, I am turning this game off now. You are the only baby we need.

Yes, I know it may be wrong to joke about getting pregnant and use it in a negative way, but I was desperate. Thankfully it worked and we had a fantastic evening of conversation. Ok, I'm exaggerating slightly, but he did turn the game off and we got to watch Criminal Minds. YAY!


gingela5 said...

Good threat! Although someday you will be happy he plays video games. When I am sitting in front of the computer at night I am blessed that he has a video game to turn to! :)

Emily said...

Nothing like the threat of children to get a man's attention!

Heather said...

Do you want me to send you one of my positive pregnancy tests? haha I used to feel the same way about my hubby's video game playing, but now that we have kids, it is wonderful when we actually do have some quiet time to play video games and read blogs. ;)