Friday, December 12, 2008


Someone is playing Christmas music today in our office. I think it is one of the graphic artists. Right now Silent Night is playing. It is a beautiful version, although I'm not sure who is singing. It seems fitting right now. I've kind of been in a daze since I found out about my dad on Tuesday. We still don't know much more. My parents met with the surgeon yesterday. He is an OSU graduate. My parents really like him. My dad goes in on Monday and Tuesday for more surgery and tests that will really tell us how far along the stupid melanoma is. All prayers are appreciated. The reality of the situation is really starting to set in for all of us. It's scary and completely out of our control at this point. I'm still positive that it is going to turn out OK and he'll rebound quickly! I know God is going to take care of our family and get us through whatever it is we have to go through.

In other news, Florida's offensive coordinator, Dan Mullen, accepted the Mississippi State job yesterday. I'm happy for him to have the chance to be a head coach, but angry that he is leaving my Gators! Hopefully he'll stay on through the National Championship. Who in there right mind would give up that opportunity?? Surely not Mr. Mullen! Oklahoma's Kevin Wilson was also up for the job. Florida and OU just really want to compete this year, don't they?

On a lighter note, Heisman trophy tomorrow night! WOOHOO. Any thoughts on the winner? Sammy, Colt and Tim. What a good crowd. Honestly, all of them are deserving, but of course I want Tim to win. Should be interesting!

Happy Weekend everyone!

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icook said...

I totally stalk your blog, and I hate it when people tell me that they stalk my blog and never leave a comment. I can't remember if I have left a comment before or not.
I went to SCS and Altamesa, I was in Maggie's class.
I like your blog because you talk about sports and food- 2 of my favorite things!
Kristen (Wright) Ballard