Friday, December 5, 2008

Time For My Endorsement Deal...

I eat a lot of frozen and pre-made meals. I don't particularly like frozen or pre-made meals, but they are easy and I like easy...a lot. Today for the first time I tried a Health Choice Fresh Mixer. I think the commercial is funny so I gave it a wiz. I work in advertising...I am easily swayed.

It was a Ziti and Meat Sauce concoction. Aside from the sauce exploding in the microwave (oops) it was super easy to make. You just fill the pasta bowl with water, heat and drain. It even comes with a handy draining lid. How smart! You heat the sauce separately, mix together and enjoy. I had co-workers coming into my office asking what smelled so good and then I went into my thirty second infomerical explanation. I have to say this is by far the best pre-made meal I have ever had from Health Choice or any other healthier brand. I give it five stars out of four. Seriously, I was that impressed. I fully expect Healthy Choice to be calling me soon or at least send me a huge package of free Fresh Mixers. Just call me Kelly Ripa.

In other news, Bailey survived the cold yesterday. Kody said she was a "Baileycicle", but she was ok. Thank goodness! She totally forgave me for mistreating her and slept beside me last night. I left her inside today. All is right in the world.

Now for pictures!
Family photo...Bailey looks bigger than both of us.

My sister hammin' it up for the camera. Classic Robin.

Me and my mama. She's so cute!

Profile shot. It is the supermodel in her. Ferosh!

Kody and Midori wrestling. He's lucky she still likes him.
Everyone get some rest tonight. Tomorrow is a big day. My dream national championship game is on the line. Go Gators, Boomer Sooner!


Emily said...

That first picture of y'all made me laugh out loud. Bailey looks like a human just gettin in the picture!

Lump said...

awww Bailey is a cutie! :)

I think I eat my weight in frozen meals every day. so sad.