Monday, December 15, 2008

Cold as Ice

Ice is on the ground, all the schools are closed and I'm at work. My normal twelve minute drive to work this morning took about thirty five minutes. I made it safely so that is the important thing. The wind chill is now six degrees. SIX. My feet are still numb. Somehow, the heat in our area of the building was turned off over the weekend and it didn't get above sixty degrees in the office until mid morning. BRRRRRR. I'm jetting out early to avoid traffic and the incoming snow flurries. It was in the seventies yesterday early afternoon. I love Oklahoma weather.

In other VERY exciting news....I'm going to have a new sister in law! Actually, she'll be my first sister in law. I'll let her blog about it before I write all about it (which you better ::cough cough:: new sister in law). Once she does, I'll link the page so you can read all about the story. It is so fantastic. I'll leave you in anticipation.

My dad goes in tomorrow to have all of the procedures done for the stupid melanoma. That is how I refer to it now. It isn't melanoma, it is stupid melanoma because it is in fact that...stupid. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. I'll know a lot more after tomorrow morning. We are still hoping for a positive outcome! I went to visit my family on Saturday just to hang out and distract them from thinking about everything. I went Christmas shopping with my dad and then we took Midori to the dog park. There was a three month old Boxer named Aspen at the park. So cute! She loved Midori. I think Midori was scared of her. Ha! I got to go to the OU Orthopedic Resident and Faculty Christmas party. It was a lot of fun to see all my parents friends who I grew up with. I had not seen so many of them in so long. It was also fun to meet all the ortho residents. They looked just like us...young. It was so weird to sit there and to think that was going to be us in two years. I've grown up around doctors so that aspect is totally normal, but I'm finally realizing that my husband is going to be one of them soon and not just a student. I'm not going to just be a doctor's daughter, but now a doctor's wife. My mom is a doctor's wife...not me! I am a medical student's wife. Such a strange feeling....

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ashleyinfrance said...

Ok, you can blog about it now too! I had to wait a few days to let it set in and to figure out how to write a condensed version of the weekend. Tough! Can't wait to see you at Christmas time, and I'm praying for your dad. Luv ya!