Monday, October 12, 2009

Dressing the Part

This is a really exciting week. Kody has interview number two in Michigan. He leaves Friday morning and returns Saturday evening. I tried to ask him some mock interview questions, but he doesn't think questions like, "Why is your wife the best ever?" are relevant to orthopedic residency positions. Whatever. If programs interviewed spouses, my interview would surely get him a spot.

In style preparation for interviews we went suit shopping this weekend. A big shout out to the folks at Men's Warehouse in OKC on Memorial. They are awesome. Ladies, if your man needs a suit take him there. Yes, it is not the cheapest, but they do it up right. We ended up getting two suits. If you bought one you got a second for only $100. In the suit world that is awesome. Two suits turned into two suits plus two shirts, two ties, two cedar hangers and new socks. My mom donated money for new socks. She was bound and determined Kody was going to have nice, new socks. Ha! They are quite fabulous. Thanks mom. He also got some snazzy new shoes. I picked those out. That was my only style contribution to the whole ensemble.

He got a black suit with some muted pen stripes and a gorgeous charcoal colored suit. Love it. I'm not kidding, he looked high class. Kody cleans up very nice. I'll have to get some pictures. They measured him and tailored the suit to fit him just right. Classic and professional. He is totally going to look the part of a future orthopedic surgeon.

A few other weekend highlights:
  • I'm injured
  • Florida won
  • Midori ate one of my black dress shoes
  • Bailey loves her "Karate Dog" Halloween costume (she is a black belt!)
  • Adventureland is not really a comedy...we were tricked

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