Thursday, October 15, 2009

Interview Number Two

The Mr. leaves bright and early tomorrow for his second residency interview. This one is in Michigan. He is really excited and yet very calm. Everyday I ask him if he is freaking out yet. He keeps saying no, but I think it is about to hit in a few hours. I can sense it. He'll be great. He is irritatingly charming when he needs to be. I say irritatingly because it comes so naturally to him when he needs to be "on". I'm praying for him to stay calm and for the right words to come out of his mouth. That boy can talk his way into or out of almost anything.

As long as he keeps the "ums", "ers" and "likes" to a minimum I think he'll be OK.

Eleven students are interviewing. There are two spots. He has an 18.18% chance of getting one of those two spots. Six of the students are from Michigan State. I hope they don't get a home field advantage.

The actual interview is Saturday morning from 8AM to 10AM. Friday night is a dinner with all the other interviewees (aka the competition) and residents. They are all playing Halo (XBox 360) after dinner. He is horrible at Halo. Hopefully that won't count against him.

If they played Mario Party or NBA Jam he would be a shoe in for a spot.

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Melody said...

We'll pray for Kody tonight that he stays calm & everything goes smoothly for him! Good luck, Kody! It was so good to see you the other night. Love you guys!