Friday, October 23, 2009

My Life in the Last Twelve Hours.

A few highlight from the last twelve hours....
  • My dear friend Brittany got engaged to her boyfriend Mike yesterday! WOOHOO! He is a great guy and I am insanely happy for her. I love seeing my friends happy.
  • Kody is currently going through his interview in OKC. I have heard nothing yet...of course...I'm starring at my phone constantly...of course.
  • I didn't fall asleep until about 1 AM because I was thinking about Kody's interview. What in the world is wrong with me?
  • Bailey woke up at 12AM (while I was trying to sleep) and wanted to play outside for half an hour with her secret backyard boyfriend.
  • Kody called me at 4:15 AM to tell me he was awake and that I didn't need to call him at 4:30AM to make sure he was up. Hmmmmm....thanks darling!
  • My sister texted me around midnight to tell me she "Saw paranormal activity. U would crap ur pants". What? You saw ghosts? Moving objects? Huh?
  • Bailey has a twin at doggy day care. Yes, an identical doggy twin. So cool!
  • I just got another text from my sister about the paranormal activity. It reads, "DEMONS! U haven't heard about it??" Ummm no! What the heck are you talking about you crazy child in Arizona!
  • Another text from Robin..."It's awesomely terrifying. Scariest movie I've ever seen". OK who is the idiot now? She was talking about a movie and I thought she was talking about actual paranormal activity. I'm going to consider today a wash.

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Desiree said...

LOL! That is one movie I will definitely NOT see. I hate scary stuff and demons are NOT on my list eitehr. . .

Hope the interview went well! Good luck!