Friday, October 2, 2009

4th Year Expenses

The fourth (and last!) year of medical school is going by fast. It is already October. Graduation is only seven months and two weeks away. WOAH. Kody and I are currently experiencing our fifth month since May to not live together on a daily basis. It is strange, yet oddly normal at this point. We have adapted to the insanity quite easily. As I have said before, I now have a part time job as Kody's assistant. I check his email daily, send him daily updates on who he needs to call, fill out paper work, update his schedule, schedule tests, make plane arrangements and research programs. Don't worry, I do all of this because I want to. Some spouses aren't as sweet and fabulous as me. I remind him of that everyday. Kidding. Out of state rotations have made it nearly impossible for him to do these things on his own. Internet access is always limited and so is spare time when you are busy trying to show programs that you are awesome.

As much as I have educated myself about the process of rotations, interviews and match there is one area that I was a little unaware of during fourth year. Expenses. Oh. My. Goodness. I knew we would have extra expenses with boards and what not, but I wasn't prepared for what the last few months have been like. Here is a brief rundown for you future fourth year families on expenses you might have to incur:
  • Step 2 Boards - $600
  • Step 2 Board Practical - $1,096
  • Travel and hotel to Step 2 Board Practical (in Pennsylvania) - $500
  • Out of state rotations (gas, food, etc) - Whatever it costs to drive over 3,000 miles
  • Hotel stays during out of state rotations if housing is not provided - $800
  • Air fare to visit spouse during out of state rotations - $400
  • Air fare for interviews at out of state programs - $400
  • Registering for the match - $60
  • Mongolian BBQ for student during out of state rotations - Priceless
OK, so the Mongolian BBQ is not a normal expense unless it is next door to your extended stay hotel and you visit it DAILY. Ugh. If you do the math, that is a lot of extra money to spend over a small length of time.

Things I am Thankful For:
  • A good job that allows us to be able to handle the extra expenses without too much added stress
  • Programs that interview students during rotations so they don't have to spend money to travel back later (thank you Ohio!)
  • Kody being able to stay with my family during rotations in Oklahoma City
  • Weekends off
  • Hospitals that have unlimited free cafeteria access for students
  • A car that can handle the wear and tear of lots of highway travel without problems
Needless to say, so far fourth year has been interesting. It is still going amazingly well. We are very blessed by how everything is working out and optimistic about the future. If any of you fellow OSU spouses have money questions or questions in general about rotations let me know.

I know too much now. I should write a book...

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Darrica said...

I feel your pain girl, I can't believe how fast we r going through money this year. I never knew 4th year would cost so much.